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7: A Quiet Place with Isaiah Frizzelle

Marc and Landon are joined by Actor/Writer/Director Isaiah Frizzelle, their first official guest, to talk about the record breaking thriller that has audiences dead silent and petrified of eating popcorn, A Quiet Place. They discuss how Marco Beltrami’s score tip-toes between heart-warming and heart-stopping, they share how they met Isaiah, and all the exciting things he’s got going on right now.

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Special Guest: Isaiah Frizzelle

A Quiet Place: Marco Beltrami

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5: Music in 360º Virtual Reality

VR, not just for plain old left-right stereo. Marc and Landon explore the wide 360º world of music in virtual reality. They talk about some of the first exploratory films being created today, new techniques that are breaking the mold, as well as what new possibilities VR offers for music.

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1: Introductions

Welcome to The Akiyama Brothers’ Song to Screen Podcast! In this first episode, Marc and Landon introduce a little about themselves, about this podcast, and what they hope to share. If you want to learn more about the brothers, check out their website.

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